Vintage Jewelry Blog, Making an Assemblage Bracelet using a Vintage Brooch!

   Hi Everyone, I know I have not posted for sometime on this Blog. It is definitely time for an update! As promised I wanted to talk about using Grandma's, Mom's, or just purchasing Vintage Brooches and giving them a new life. One of my customers did just that. She is an especially sweet lady who allowed me to share her creation with everyone. Her name is Marie. Marie bought an Austrian Rhinestone, Rose, and Flower Enamel brooch from my shop. I always thought this particular brooch was very pretty but it was definitely showing it's age. I had a second thought as I listed it .. would anyone be interested because it's not in perfect condition. Then one day Marie messaged me and asked me to share the measurements of the brooch. I remember we were in the midst of a Family emergency that day and I felt badly as I am usually a quick responder but I had to put her off that day. After, the crisis I gladly messaged her the measurements and she purchased the brooch. She left me a beautiful review. I was never expecting to hear from her again unless she bought something else. Today I got a message from Marie with Photo attachments and my jaw hit the floor! This lady has some serious talent. Her work is so amazing that now I want to buy the brooch back! Yes, we also want to keep the whole bracelet because who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland. I just wanted to share with you guys one way to use that old Vintage brooch or pin that you don't know what to do with. Here is some inspiration to go and give that brooch a new life. Marie did share with me that she uses E6000 Glue for all her creations and she says it works like a charm. I really do love this and I think the Blue flower, Pink rose, and Rhinestones on my old Austrian brooch really look right at home! Nothing makes me happier than Happy customers, Vintage Jewelry and Hair Accessories being loved again, and seeing people living their dreams. Right now at Roses Very Vintage Shop we feel like we are in Wonderland! 

XOXO, Rose